Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Valentine's Day Special

*Limited Time Offer* Couples who book their wedding with Melissa Kosswig Photography between now and Valentine's Day, receive a free set of 50 customized Thank You cards! If any of your friends have recently been engaged, spread the word and the love!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

David: a winter photo session in Meriden

I met David through my mother. Sounds bizarre I know but its the truth. They work together at the same company and so thats how I first came in contact with him. I've probably been trying to take his images for a year, and finally this past Saturday I was victorious! [woot woot!] Wouldn't you know a bunch of the married women at his job were begging me to take pics of him in a wifebeater, haha. Oh ladies, take a number.. thats for NEXT time :) But seriously, David & I hit it off right away. It felt like I've known him for years and I simply love when that happens. He's such a nice guy, so funny, and definitely a keeper. David, I had a great time and hope you enjoy some of the pics from our session together. Thanks for indulging me my friend! We need to do this again soon! :)
One of my faves :)
Million dollar smile!