Friday, February 5, 2010

Jonathan & Lisa: winter love!

As soon as I saw Jonathan & Lisa I knew I had to meet them! They are such an amazing couple - cool & modern and really just visually striking. Lisa's big eyes and Jonathan's cool hair, who could ask for more? :) Last Saturday I went to their home, met their 4 absolutely adorable children, and then we headed out to Elizabeth Park in West Hartford. This place has such a special meaning for them, its where they got married 7 years ago so it was our first stop for our photo session. Afterwards we drove around Hartford [thanks for being the chaffeur Jon!] and landed in the St. Francis parking garage for a few more shots at the end. Even though it was absolutely FREEZING the whole time they were such troopers and so much fun to be with. Jonathan & Lisa, thank you so much for allowing me to take your pictures & for telling me about Wellspring. I know I've said it a million times and I'm bound to say it a million times more, but you two are so cute together it kills me! I loved getting to hang with you and talk over Starbucks and photos :) I can't wait to take some images of you two & your kids this summer ♥ Thanks again & see you on Sunday!